Urban Spaces CEO Responds To RFP

Paul Ognibene has done it again.  After focusing on innovative work for traditional projects, the founder and CEO of Cambridge-based Urban Spaces is finding new ways to give reign to his restless drive for creative solutions to enhancing the urbancore.  In responding to a Request for Proposals for a major project in downtown Salem, Massachusetts, […]


Paul Ognibene serves as the chief executive officer and founding principal of Urban Spaces. In his role, Ognibene is responsible for setting the vision for the future of the company. He oversees everything from client relationships to contract negotiations, as well as multi-million-dollar budgets of the company’s projects. Under the leadership of Paul Ognibene, Cambridge, […]

Paul Ognibene Discusses How Cambridge is Committed to COVID-19 Relief Effort

Massachusetts has been making great strides to help its citizens during the turbulent times of the COVID-19 crisis. Paul Ognibene notes that on a local level, Cambridge has been showing its strength by assisting in various ways.  Paul Ognibene, CEO of Cambridge-based Urban Spaces, describes just a few ways that the Cambridge community has been […]

Paul Ognibene Discusses Reasoning for Cambridge Massachusetts’ Continued Housing Boom

Paul Ognibene, CEO of Urban Spaces LLC in Cambridge, has been a leader in the real-estate development front for years. Much of Paul Ognibene’s success can be attributed to him holding the business acumen and real-estate expertise to help usher in a new era of housing and business development in the greater Cambridge area. Still, […]

Paul Ognibene Recounts 2018 Summer Project at 121 First Street

Paul Ognibene, the CEO and founder of Urban Spaces, strives to be hands on with every project the company begins. Paul is usually involved with everything from the oversight of the original site selection to the final product. While this is certainly requires a large amount of flexibility, it’s also extremely rewarding to look back […]