Paul Ognibene

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Paul Ognibene is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Urban Spaces, a real estate development firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In his role, Ognibene is responsible for setting the vision for the future of his company. He oversees everything from client relationships to contract negotiations and multi-million-dollar project budgets. Under Ognibene’s leadership, the company has grown into mid-sized award-winning development company that aspires to have a transformational effect on the communities it serves.

Paul Ognibene and his Urban Spaces team work to identify development opportunities in up-and-coming neighborhoods that are near public transportation, universities, and employment hubs.  Once a potential location is identified, the team analyzes everything from projected rents and sale prices to construction costs in order to determine if the project can move forward.

Upcoming blog posts will break down the development process and highlight some of the projects that Paul Ognibene has overseen during his 15 years at Urban Spaces.  We hope you’ll come back for these case studies and to enhance your own personal business journey.

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