Paul Ognibene Discusses How Cambridge is Committed to COVID-19 Relief Effort

Paul Ognibene

Massachusetts has been making great strides to help its citizens during the turbulent times of the COVID-19 crisis. Paul Ognibene notes that on a local level, Cambridge has been showing its strength by assisting in various ways.  Paul Ognibene, CEO of Cambridge-based Urban Spaces, describes just a few ways that the Cambridge community has been showing its commitment to providing COVID-19 relief efforts for those that need it most.

Cambridge Launches Relief Funds

In the same way that the state has offered an emergency relief fund (COVID-19 Relief Fund), the city of Cambridge has established the Mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund, a $3+ million emergency assistance fund for residents experiencing financial hardship. 

In addition, many Cambridge community members have already stepped up in various ways, including donating to the Cambridge Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund which provides grants between $200 and $1,000.    

The city of Cambridge has also postponed property tax payments for 60 days to help relieve cash flow pressure on homeowners and businesses. 

Harvard Provides Resources

Harvard’s 19 teaching hospitals are providing front-line care as well as working on vaccines and treatment options. 

Harvard Medical School has also launched the COVID-19 Health Literacy Project which provides health-related information in over 35 languages to ensure that members of the community who do not speak English can be kept well informed.

In addition, Harvard has offered space on campus to assist in health care operations. Harvard has also opened up its Harvard Square Hotel for use by Cambridge Health Alliance workers and other first responders who often need to remain close to their posts. 

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